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Making Diabetes History - Social Media and Creative Campaign | francdesign
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    the latest
    francdesign | Making Diabetes History - Social Media and Creative Campaign
    francdesign creates new logo and social media campaign for the Diabetes Research Institute's historic first patient transplant
    francdesign, a branding, digital & web design studio, coral gables, florida
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    Making Diabetes History – Creative Campaign

    We were so honored to be asked to create the end of year campaign for our client the Diabetes Research Institute.
    This year they have made monumental and historic strides with their?first patient in the BioHub clinical trial, and have?contributed to the field of diabetes research for more than 40 years.
    To mark this ground breaking research, and on-going efforts to end diabetes, francdesign was asked to create a logo and social media creative for Facebook, Twitter and email applications.
    The strategy?was to show cells that?convey science as well as the patients who will benefit from it. Powerful imagery combined?with a strong word mark that places emphasis on the word HISTORY and the importance of the research was created. The blue DRI signature color and grey bar adds consistency to the branding?and messaging.?Finally, a?call to action to join the DRI in continuing its efforts was conveyed?in a warm and personal?handwritten font that offers a more?engaging and inviting tone.?The design?works?well on all devices.
    Congratulations to the Diabetes Research Institute and thank you for letting us be a part of this historic campaign and working towards #MakingDiabetesHistory!
    To?find out more about the DRI,?how you can join them?in Making Diabetes History and to see the campaign visit:?facebook: DiabetesResearch.org?/?twitter: Diabetes_DRI /?DiabetesResearch.org

    francdesign offers creative services in branding, website design and social media. We would love to be involved?in?your next creative campaign,?contact francdesign?today!



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